Nenasala Gampaha is Your Only Stop for IT Education English Education

Nenasala Gampaha is not just an institute who offers only a certificate. We try to make all our students head filled with the industrial level knowledge. That's how we are different.

High Speed Internet

Nowadays, internet is a special requirement for all the people and businesses in the world. We are equipped with SLT Fiber Internet.

A/C Lecture Halls

Comfortability depends on the nature we stufy. However, Nenasala Gampaha is fully equiped with enough AC machines to provide our best service.

Pro and Friendly

Our Staff and Teacher are not only professional but also friendly. Management always care the happiness of the customers and students.

Services Support

As a goverment approve center to cater all the services which need the technical support. Here our staff are always ready to cater any goverment or private services.

LMS Made Our Learning and Teaching Process More Productive

A learning management system (LMS) is a type of software application that is used to manage, document, track, and report on educational courses, training programmes, and learning and development programmes.

We also proudly possess one to manage our process digitally on a more basic basis. All students who come to our centre will have the same digital experience they would receive at their universities.

Portfolio Productivity Skills of Our Students

We have always believed that our students are capable of far more than what they demonstrate in their courses. This is how we assist them.

Why should you invest your money?

Why invest rather than save? Saving means setting aside some of your earnings for future use. The issue with this is that the value of

Education Should be Free

Education Should Be Free

What is Education? It is difficult to give one definition on the term of education. But we can give different definitions through the word education.

Aspects of Environmental Pollution

What is Environment?  According to my opinion environment mainly consist of living and non living things. We are also a part of the environment as

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

What is the Goal? Every person’s major ambition in today’s world is to achieve success. Everyone wants to taste success as soon as possible. However,

Cloud Computing’s Features and Benefits

Nowadays, Cloud computing is a common sight. Worldwide, people who use smartphones, tablets, and computers are relying on the cloud based applications and services. Even

Located at Gampaha Heart of the City Well Known Temple Siri Sunandaramaya

We ar not the Nenasala Located at Miriswatta. It's a different branch (Nenasala Mirswatta). We are located at the heart of the Gampaha City.

  • Short Distance to the Railway Station.
  • Short Distance to the Bus Halt.
  • Center Point of Gampaha.
  • In front of the Yasodara Balika Vidyalaya.
  • Inside the Siri Sunandaramaya Temple.
  • Safe Place to Learn.
  • SLT is next to us.
  • Postal Office is Next to us.
  • Bank Facilities are near to the center.
  • Finally, We have everything that our students need.