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Who are We, What We Do

For over 15 years, the Gampaha Nenasala ICT Center has been a reputable and trusted Sri Lankan-based institution for both domestic and international students, their families, and education agencies. ​

Why Us

We at Nenasala ICT Center, Gampaha believe that we are capable of performing tasks in a standard manner. We are always striving to adhere to established standards. ​

Professional and Friendly Staff

Our team is made up of Industrial Level Experienced Teachers and Experienced Staff that always have a grin on their face. We think that our clients should always be satisfied, and our employees are committed to ensuring that this is the case. We will never claim that we can always keep it 100 percent. However, we understand how to retain such aspect in order to keep you satisfied and to complete your tasks in a satisfactory manner.

We have always been committed to maintaining our professional standards inside the facility. We believe, we do our best, and we are always open to recommendations.

Open Minded People

Our teachers' expertise is that they are always thinking outside the box based on their experience. They are young, yet have enough expertise to assist students in the proper direction by recognising their strengths and weaknesses. With an open mind, we are not only concerned with educating our students about the subject matters, but also with leading them toward industrial potential.

Safe Place to Learn

The Nenasala ICT centre is located in Siri Sunandaramaya, Medagama, Gampaha, a temple in the heart of Gampaha Town. We feel that by situating our centre within the Temple Premises, we can provide you with a more conducive learning environment.

There is freedom to think, safety, and a few more reasons why our space is ideal for making your learning curve more productive and simple. Additionally, due to our center's location on the second level, we can observe you until you pass through the gate.

A Technology-Enabled Space

Within the institute, we have a lecture hall and a computer lab with a Full AC Environment. Both locations include projectors, and the computer lab now has more than 30 computers. As an institute with a limited number of students per each session, each student will have their own computer while learning.

Additionally, we now own a well-organized Learning Management System that students may use at any time and from any location. We will not conduct our classes entirely online, but our students will be able to complete assignments and study during their leisure time while they are are home. As we can see, all students might significantly enhance their skills in a shorter amount of time.

As a Government-Approved Service Center, we ensure that students not only learn the subject content, but also the skills necessary for success in the professional world. Our curricula are updated on a regular basis to ensure they meet global standards and place a greater emphasis on practise than theory.

If you wish to join our centre, there are several entrance points available depending on your present educational level. There are courses tailored to certain age groups, such as those after the Grade 05 scholarship test, those following O/Ls, and those following A/Ls. Employed individuals can enrol in professional development courses. Additionally, our institution serves as an ICT School for elementary-aged students.