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Aspects of Environmental Pollution


What is Environment? 

According to my opinion environment mainly consist of living and non living things. We are also a part of the environment as creatures. Mainly our environment take the form of substances such as solid, liquid and gases.In the environment mainly most of the events occur as naturally or artificially. There is a huge interrelationship between the environment and the  living beings. There are lot of phenominans happens in our environment. Therefor it is the responsibility to protect our environment.

What is known as Environmental Pollution? 

Nowadays the greatest relationship between nature and the humankind became one of the reason for the environmental pollution. As I mentioned above the environment mainly consist with solid, liquid and gaseous substances. Although environmental pollution can be caused by natural events. There is no one reason for the pollution because the pollution take the major forms like;

  • Sound Pollution
  • Water Pollution
  • Air Pollution
  • Soil Pollution

They are the different ways how the pollution take place.

The major ways that the pollution occurs 

Sound Pollution

It becomes one of the major problem for the environmental pollution. We all are live in the planet Earth. The Earth mostly consist of nitrogen and oxygen. As we are humans oxygen is the major resource for the human breathing. Mainly earth consist of different kind of gaseous substances. Mainly the sound pollution effects on humankind and animals too. If we take the sound pollution it can be define for the both sides as;

  • How the sound pollution effects for the living beings
  • How the sound pollution effects for the environment

The sound pollution mainly caused by transport and the machines. As increasing of the human generation the transport become one of the major part of their lives. The sound pollution mainly occurs in industrial and building constructions. There are various kind of human beings live in our environment. The higher sounds may be cause effects for the humankind. It may be contribute to permanent hearing loss and coronary artery like diseases. We all are humankinds. Therefor we all have such favorites too. Driving vehicles, listening to music are some of them. It is necessary to do anything what you want. But you should have a limit for every activity. The traffics may be one of another reason for the sound pollution. There for it is necessary to understand the impacts of the humankind.

Water Pollution

Water is one of the basic need for the human. We can live without food for few days. But can we live without water. No because humans are contamination of water bodies. Examples for water bodies are

  • Rivers
  • Oceans
  • Lakes
  • Underground water

Mainly the human activities effect for the water pollution. Water is useful in our day today activities like bathing, washing, drinking etc… Drinking water avoid causing diseases. Poor sanitation and the contaminated water are linked to cause diseases like hepatitis,cholera, dysentery etc..

Water Pollution occurs in different ways,

  • Industrial waste
  • Agricultural Activities
  • Glabal Warming
  • Oil leaks
  • Marine Dumping

Adding chemicals to the water bodies may cause harmful effects for the uesrs of those resources. After spreading chemicals for the agricultural activities when they wash their chemical equipment from those water resources it may be harmful for the users. Water resources may include organic and inorganic components. Releasing industrial waste for the water also may be a one reason for the pollution of water. Therefor as we are human beings we should avoid adding poisonous chemicals to the water bodies.

Air Pollution

Adding harmful substances to the atmosphere will cause damages to the climate too. The atmosphere mainly consist of organic and inorganic substances. By changing the climate it maybe cause different diseases like allergies. For this process also mainly the human activities cause. By adding chemicals from the factories to the air cause harm to the living beings. Such examples for diseases are as follows;

  • Respiratory Infections
  • Lung Cancers
  • Heart diseases


Such ways that the air pollution occurs ;

  • Biomass power stations
  • Burning traditional biomass as wood
  • Furnaces and other type of fuel burning heating activities


Mainly in the air pollution  it also  can be divide like solid, liquid and gases. As well as substances can be divided like primary and secondary resources. Mainly we should think about the harmful  effects by air pollution. Avoid air pollution makes every human being protect because respiration is the mainly process our human body.


Soil Pollution

Soil Pollution is also known as “land pollution”. The main process of soil is disposal of waste matter. Mainly the soil contains petroleum, hydrocarbons.and etc..

Soil pollution mainly occurs in different ways like;

  • Oil spills
  • Micro plastics
  • Acid rains
  • Industrial accidents
  • Waste disposal

Waste matter can be divided as organic matter and non organic matter. When firering such a waste matter it is harmful for the humankind because harmful gases mix with the atmosphere. Mainly there are diseases caused by soil pollution. Such as ;

  • Skin diseases
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Coughing
  • Vomiting
  • Wheezing

In urban areas soil pollution largely caused by human activities like land development, manufacturing and local waste disposal. Mainly the soil helpful for the biodiversity and to reduce organic matter


Now the pollution becomes  the major problem. Pollution may cause damages to the environment. The environment becomes the great concern to protect our earth. There for we should recycling like methods to reduce environmental pollution.

Kasunika Sandamini

Kasunika Sandamini

Student of Nenasala Gampaha. After A/L Student of President's Collège, Minuwangoda. Interested in English & Music.

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