Known as the eight wonder of the world, this is a tourist center that has attracted both local and foreign tourists . In addition to being a tourist center, it ‘s location, antiquity and artistic values show the skill of the Sri Lankan artist. There are two lion feet on both sides of the gateway […]

Will renewable energy be able to save us?

Every task we perform as humans requires energy. In 2019, we generated 150,000 terawatt-hours of energy globally. Fossil fuels are the world’s primary energy source. It consists of coal, crude oil, and natural gas. So far, fossil fuels have done a fantastic job for humanity. Until recently, when we were confronted with some serious issues. […]

Train Journey from Colombo to Badulla

About journey . In Sri Lanka, there are nine railway lines. The “main line” runs from Colombo Fort to Badulla. It passes through 105 railway stations along the way. It is Sri Lanka’s most beautiful railway journey. We pass through 43 tunnels on our way from Colombo Fort to Badulla, as well as many other […]

The Best Places in Sri Lanka for Travelling

Popular Destination Sri Lanka has a plethora of tourist attractions. Numerous domestic and international tourists visit these locations. Sri Lanka is home to a number of famous and infamous locations. There are numerous significant locations throughout our country, such as royal palaces and temples, that were built by kings in the distant past. Jaya Sri […]