How can we improve our English knowledge

It is obvious that ,English plays a big role in the world today .It is our international language. It is compulsory to learn English as it help us in our every work. With the development of world, we must sharpen our English knowledge , If we want to go forward and win our life. There […]

Attention !

What is attention? Attention is essential to focus our minds on a specific thing as well as to focus on our daily tasks. Focusing the consciousness on a particular object or an idea at a particular time, excluding the other object or idea is attention. Consciousness means the awareness of something. So, attention can also […]

The relationship between reality and perception.

What is perception? The process of selecting, organizing, and interpreting information is known as perception. Our five sensory organs provide us with information or sensers, which we transmit to the brain as an electrochemical impulse. Our brain clarifies it there, and then we understand it. Perception varies from person to person and is influenced by […]

Let’s learn how to study

Studying is not always as simple as it appears. I believe that studying is not a single task. There are three fundamental components. 1. Motivation 2. Understanding 3. Recalling what you’ve learned However, understanding and remembering everything is difficult. Some subjects may be simple to learn. Some subjects are not. So here are few tips […]

“6Cs” for a meaningful life, from film “Wit”.

What are the “6Cs”? The attitudes and practices that have transformed and inspired one’s life are many. Bravery, kindness, understanding, sympathy, etc. Among all of them, some other values are called the “6Cs” of nursing, which is also equally important to every man in the world. The 6Cs  are care, compassion, competence, communication, courage, and […]

New Generation And Creativity.

Generation. A generation is defined as a group of people who were born and lived around the same time. It’s also known as “the usual period of around 20-30 years during which children are born, grow up, become adults, and start having children.” What Is The New Generation? Generations pass by. Every generation has its […]

How to Manage Your Valuable Time

Every day, from morning to night, we try to beat the clock. But, rather than fighting, if we choose to manage our time, we can get the most out of it. Prioritizing This is the key to time management. Assume you need to study for a specific math exam. But you never had time to […]

Reading Makes a Full Man

Introduction What’s the current reading? That, I believe, is the primary concern of humanity. It was previously used to do the task of reading words. to get something to read to gain knowledge by reading to stick to a study plan Also, while humans communicated by signals, they employed a variety of languages. Finally, as […]

Why is Reading Important? Read More to Live Better

What is ” Reading ” ? Reading is defined as focusing our minds on something, understanding it, and grasping it. We are able to read aloud. We can also read silently in our minds. When we read something, we must concentrate our minds on it. We must know the meaning of wards or phrases or […]