Why should you invest your money?

Why invest rather than save? Saving means setting aside some of your earnings for future use. The issue with this is that the value of your money will depreciate over time. This was referred to as inflation. The inflation rate informs us about the rate at which prices rise over time and, as a result, […]

Education Should Be Free

Education Should be Free

What is Education? It is difficult to give one definition on the term of education. But we can give different definitions through the word education. According to the educationist, thinkers,philosophers,politicians they define the word education in different ways. Such definitions are as follows; ¬†Education is the process of training man to fulfil him aim by […]

Healthy mind is a major factor of achieving happiness

Healthy Minds

Healthy mind means , Even a small smile can make someone happy. However, you can only offer this small smile if you are in a healthy mind. A healthy mind is one that is full of happiness, relaxation, and sanity. It is devoid of rage, tension, and anxiety. We can do our best in all […]

Aspects of Environmental Pollution

What is Environment?¬† According to my opinion environment mainly consist of living and non living things. We are also a part of the environment as creatures. Mainly our environment take the form of substances such as solid, liquid and gases.In the environment mainly most of the events occur as naturally or artificially. There is a […]

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

What is the Goal? Every person’s major ambition in today’s world is to achieve success. Everyone wants to taste success as soon as possible. However, the first step on the path to success is to decide on a life goal and then begin working toward it using an acceptable technique. It is also the ultimate […]

Cloud Computing’s Features and Benefits

Nowadays, Cloud computing is a common sight. Worldwide, people who use smartphones, tablets, and computers are relying on the cloud based applications and services. Even in our personal and professional lives, it is becoming increasingly important. these services are being used by a growing number of businesses. As an environmentally proactive means of powering virtual […]

Train Journey from Colombo to Badulla

About journey . In Sri Lanka, there are nine railway lines. The “main line” runs from Colombo Fort to Badulla. It passes through 105 railway stations along the way. It is Sri Lanka’s most beautiful railway journey. We pass through 43 tunnels on our way from Colombo Fort to Badulla, as well as many other […]

The Best Places in Sri Lanka for Travelling

Popular Destination Sri Lanka has a plethora of tourist attractions. Numerous domestic and international tourists visit these locations. Sri Lanka is home to a number of famous and infamous locations. There are numerous significant locations throughout our country, such as royal palaces and temples, that were built by kings in the distant past. Jaya Sri […]