What is Depression?

Major depressive disorder, sometimes known as depression, is a serious medical condition that frequently affects people’s feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Thankfully, it is also curable. Sadness and/or a loss of interest in past interests are symptoms of depression. It can impair your ability to perform at work and at home and cause a number of […]

Heart Sound

Many things that cannot be thought of, our minds automatically allow us to think. When we try to build up with our life little by little. Sometimes it feels like it is very complicated to think how to live this life where we don’t even know how far it is. But can you stop? Keep […]

Children’s and adolescents’ television.

One of the most widely utilized technologies for entertainment in the entire world is the television. Nowadays, practically every home has a television, and it has become fairly widespread. We can see how it was called the “idiot box” in the beginning. This was primarily due to the fact that entertainment predominated in those days. […]

Transportation then and now in Sri Lanka

Transportation takes a big role in everyone’s life since in the past. So people used to many ways in the past to travel and transport. There are many modes of travelling at present too. As we all know ,our ancient people did not have very developed means to travel. Mostly they travelled on foot. Since […]

The Freedom

You will feel yourself the day you get used to thinking what I felt when the wind blows too much instead of thinking which way the wind is blowing. A heart that doesn’t feel for itself yet can’t feel for someone else. I don’t understand anyone else. The mind is not something that can be […]

The Internet

Teacher teaching ICT to school level students

Internet is a vey fast and effective source of getting information .Although it is a resent origins, it widely spread all over the world . There are many advantages of this source. It is a store house of information .We can get any information within a click .There are many web sites and we get […]

Is the television a good source of information?

With the development of technology ,there are many sources of information like internet. Among them, television plays a big role .It is very popular among young and the old.  However, television is a best way to get reliable information in the present. It we talk about advantages , it gives us latest information in the […]

A Better Tomorrow.

Tomorrow. What will happen tomorrow? People use it in a variety of ways. Tomorrow is used to describe the day after today. If you tell your sister you’ll see her tomorrow on Monday, it means you’ll see her on Tuesday. Tomorrow can also indicate “in the not-too-distant future.” When someone says, “Children are tomorrow‘s leaders,” […]

Education Is The Mother Of Leadership.

The real Meaning of education. EDUCATION encompasses both the act of imparting information to others and the process of learning from others. Education also include the knowledge gained via schooling or instruction, as well as the teaching profession as a whole. As a noun, education can be used in a few different ways. Also, since […]

New Generation And Creativity.

Generation. A generation is defined as a group of people who were born and lived around the same time. It’s also known as “the usual period of around 20-30 years during which children are born, grow up, become adults, and start having children.” What Is The New Generation? Generations pass by. Every generation has its […]