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Children’s and adolescents’ television.


One of the most widely utilized technologies for entertainment in the entire world is the television. Nowadays, practically every home has a television, and it has become fairly widespread. We can see how it was called the “idiot box” in the beginning. This was primarily due to the fact that entertainment predominated in those days. There weren’t as many educational channels as there are now.

In addition, the invention caused a lot of people to get obsessed with watching television all the time. People began to think it was dangerous because children were drawn to it the most. In other words, students did not study and instead spent much of their time watching television. The television channels altered as time passed, though. As more and more channels with various specialty were broadcast, education was also offered in addition to fun.

Benefits of television viewing.

There are many advantages to the development of television. It was useful in giving the average person access to a low-cost kind of entertainment. Now that televisions are so inexpensive, everybody can buy one and have access to entertainment.

Additionally, it keeps us informed on the most recent world events. News from various parts of the world can now be obtained. In a similar vein, television also provides instructional programming that advance our knowledge of science, the natural world, and other topics.

Additionally, watching television encourages people to learn new things. Additionally, they have a number of shows that feature presentations from motivational speakers. This encourages people to improve. You may also argue that television increases our exposure. It broadens our understanding of many sports, world events, and other topics.

Even though television offers many advantages, it also has drawbacks. We will go into further detail about how television is tainting young people’s minds.

How television harms young people?

First, we see that television broadcasts unsuitable material that encourages various social vices, like violence, eve-teasing, and more. Additionally, it is bad for our health. Your eyesight will deteriorate if you watch television for long periods of time. Poor neck and back will also be painful as a result of your posture.

It also turns them into addicts. People avoid social connection because of their TV addiction. As a result, kids spend more time alone in their rooms, which has an impact on their social life. They become vulnerable due to their addiction and take their programs way too seriously.

The bogus information that appears on news networks and other outlets is the most damaging of all. Many media outlets now simply spread government propaganda and misinform the populace. The generally peaceful community of our nation is severely polarized by this.

Therefore, it is crucial to limit the amount of TV you watch. Children should only watch TV for a certain amount of time, and parents should encourage them to play outside instead. As for the parents, we shouldn’t take the news at face value. We must be the superior situational judge and take independent, sensible action.


Sandamini Wijesinghe

Sandamini Wijesinghe

Student of NENASALA . After A/L Student in President`s collage in Minuwangoda. Interest for JAPANESE,ENGLISH and TAMIL.

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