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Education Should Be Free

Education Should be Free

What is Education?

It is difficult to give one definition on the term of education. But we can give different definitions through the word education. According to the educationist, thinkers,philosophers,politicians they define the word education in different ways. Such definitions are as follows;

  •  Education is the process of training man to fulfil him aim by excercising all the facilities to the fullest extent as a member of society.

                                                      – Aristotle-

  •  Education means the bringing outof the ideas of universal validity which are latent in the mind of every man.                                                                                           – Socrates –
  • Education is all one with growing it has no end beyond itself

                                                     – John Dewey-

According to my opinion education means the process of training people’s mind and abilities. Therefor they develop their knowledge and skills through it.

Importance Of Education

Nowadays the education is the most powerful weapon in the future. The ultimate goal of education is to help a an individual navigation and contribute the knowledge to other. Mainly the education can be divided into 3 parts. As ;

  1.  Formal
  2. Informal
  3. Non formal

Ther are few reasons why the education is important. Such as;

  • Helps to become a better citizen
  • To show the differences between the good and the bad
  • Education makes the person to communicate with another person
  • Improvement in skills (reading, writing, listening)
  • Helps person to make  logical decisions in such  matter
  • Helps in job qualifications

Quotes of Education

  • The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet

                                        – Aristotle-

  • An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

                                  – Benjamin Franklin – 

  • Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think

                                       – Albert  Einstein – 

  • Education is the vaccine of violence

                                    – Edward James Olmos-

  • Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

                                         – Nelson Mandela-

Education System In Sri Lanka 

Education in Sri Lanka has a long history. The Father of Sri Lankan Free education is ‘C. W. W Kannangara’. Mainly the Sri Lankan education can be categories in 05 groups. As;

  • Primary Education
  • Junior Secondary
  • Senior Secondary
  • Collegiate
  • Tertiary

Mainly the primary education means the 1st stage of traditionally found in formal education beginning at about age 5 to 7 and ending at age 11 to 13.The foundation of the education mainly gained by the primary schools. As they are small students the teachers should teach them using the practical methods. Ex. (Group events,speeches etc… )

In the age of primary students their theory of mind develops gradually with intuitive social skills appearing in infancy and then relective social cognition development. The primary goal of the schools must be to offer its students the best education as possible.

Mainly there are 04 habits of the mind,

  • Purposeful communication
  • Problem solving
  • Integrative perspective
  • Self Regulated learning

In Sri Lanka teachers use learning theory process. But in other countries they use digital learning.In this form there is a huge gap between the digital learning system. As we are Sri Lankans we have cultural respects. But now every thing bond with technology. Now the world became a digital world. Therefor technology becomes one of the part of oue lives. There are about 10,390 government schools in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka schooling is compulsory for 5 to 16 years of age. Government provides text books to school children. Mainly there are schools divided according to the language used like Sinhala,English, Tamil.

The students that passes the examinations can be enter to the universities for their Higher educations. Mainly students enter for the different faculties according to their choice.


C. W. W Kannangara

  •  Full name     : Dr Christopher William Wijekoon Kannangara
  • Date of Birth : 18 October 1894
  • He was a Sri Lankan lawyer and a politician
  • Born in Southern castle town of Hikkaduwa
  • Commonly referred as theFather of Free Education in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lakans mainly in different stages from their economic. Some students leave school education because of economical issues. The students who have money can end up their higher studies too. But the students with economical issues how they study? We should more think about the students that live in the rural areas.The main problem in those areas are there is no experience teachers to teach. Because they not like to select those areas for there teaching. As the students live in the towns and villages they gain a good education. I think there should be a proper solution for those students. Because every child have free to study.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Free Education 

Advantages of Free Education 

  • Due to scholarship programmes rural students are able to shift to the colleges in towns and continue their studies.
  • All the students can have necessities in studies.

Disadvantages of Free Education 

  • Lack of resources certain examinations have become so competitive.
  • Government funds free education from the tax of citizens.

Is there Any Free Education? 

Yes there is. Every child from 5 to 16 have free education as children. In Sunday Damma schools also a another place to study about the religious studies. Because as we are Sri Lankans we all have a religion. Therefor it is necessary to Go on Sunday Damma Schools as religious children.

People will like free Education or not? 

Here I can’t make one conclusion. Because we can take the both sides of it. Some May be like and some may be Dislike. I think if it’s being a free education it will be useful for every students according to the family and the facilities that they have. Eventhough there should be a proper management in education.


There should be a free education for every one’s need. Because the students that have facilities they do what they want. But is there any one think about the other side of the education. As a example when we want to meet some one in any office or any place people without knowledge bothering by others. There for every one should have even lack of knowledge. In Sri Lanka there are teams according to the works that they are doing. I think it creates by the education. There for the education is the most important thing in our lives.

Kasunika Sandamini

Kasunika Sandamini

Student of Nenasala Gampaha. After A/L Student of President's Collège, Minuwangoda. Interested in English & Music.

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