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Few Facts about Becoming a Web Developer


Web developers use programming languages to develop and maintain websites. Joining this dynamic, ever-expanding professional path necessitates a combination of education and experience.

Web developers take advantage of several prospects for job progression and growth as the technology sector expands. By creating entertaining, effective websites, these experts play an important role in technology.

Web developers work for large technology firms, startups, and small development firms. Some web developers also work as freelancers. Web developer jobs are in high demand and pay much above the national average. The average web developer income depends on the experience and the education level. However, as a start, with minimum level experience 38000 is average. Maximum salary can be 134,000 LKR for this role. However, it can be more with the position you get and the place where you work.

If you are less than two years of experience, it will make your salary about 44000. Most of the companies will increment by a percentage in every year and it’s your decision whether it’s enough or not.

There are various phases to become a web developer. Prospective developers must attend a bootcamp, certificate, or degree programe to gain the technical abilities necessary for the job. This article will walk you through the process of becoming a web developer, from the educational prerequisites through the employment market. It also discusses several sorts of web developers, critical considerations when beginning a web development profession, and related jobs.


What kind of web designer should I be?

Professionals in the field of web development specialize in front-end, back-end, or full-stack development. Each sort of web developer requires a unique set of skills. Learners should examine their talents, past experience, and interests when deciding on a concentration area. However, in the modern age, with the technology advancements, these are just words to name your role.


Front-End Developer

Front-end developers create the user-interface of a website. The aesthetic appearance of the site is created using computer languages such as HTML and CSS. JavaScript is also used by front-end developers to construct interactive elements.

Professionals with visual or graphic design expertise; those who appreciate collaborating closely with digital designers and copywriters; those with good teamwork and client-facing abilities


Back-End Developer

The server portion of a website is programmed by back-end developers. To get information, they link the site to databases and application programming interfaces (APIs). Back-end developers are likewise concerned with performance and security.

Professionals with database or algorithm knowledge; those with excellent abstract thinking abilities; and those who appreciate working directly with database administrators and security professionals are ideal candidates.


Full-Stack Developer

Full-stack engineers are experts in both front-end and back-end development. They bridge the gap between the two specialties by working on both the user-facing and server-side of websites. As a result, full-stack developers must possess the most diverse set of technical abilities.

Professionals with excellent programming abilities in several languages and frameworks; those with prior experience as a front-end or back-end developer; and those who appreciate working directly with developers, designers, and other tech professionals are ideal candidates.


You Need a Degree to Become?

As the writer, I can say yes for some, No for some. However, it’s on you. If you think, getting a degree will make your time a waste, but you can lean by yourself without anyone’s help, then, I can say no for you. But learning only technical stuff won’t be enough to become a web developer. Cause, you need to learn how to communicate with clients, present some ideas, problem solving, pressure management and a lot more to become the better version of yourself.

If you think you need a support from a degree, yes it’s for you. Degree will be a help for you to save your job, talk to clients as a freelancer and for more things. Having a one is really great. Because sometimes, we have to prove them by showing a certificate. So, if you are capable, never miss the chance.

** Important, these days, every company is looking for a degree as a minimum qualification. Still have few chances, but in a standard level company you won’t be eligible unless you go for a internship.

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