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Healthy mind is a major factor of achieving happiness

Healthy Minds

Healthy mind means ,

Even a small smile can make someone happy. However, you can only offer this small smile if you are in a healthy mind. A healthy mind is one that is full of happiness, relaxation, and sanity. It is devoid of rage, tension, and anxiety. We can do our best in all aspects if we have a healthy mind. A happy mind is dependent on a healthy mind. We can make the entire world a safer and more pleasant place to live by being healthy-minded ourselves. Mental and physical relaxation are extremely beneficial to a healthy mind.

What is “Relaxation”?

Relaxation, according to the Oxford dictionary, is the state of being free of tension and anxiety. Relaxation can also be defined as recreation or the process of resetting our body and mind, particularly after a period of hard work.

Relaxation is critical to our physical and mental well-being. Stress is a major issue in today’s society. Relaxation aids in the management of stress on a large scale. As a result, it contributes to our happiness.

Consider about this when you take decisions.

When you have the opportunity to choose what you have to do, always try to choose something that you will enjoy doing. In our society, it is commonly observed that one’s choice is dependent on others or on societal ideas. They disregard their own choices for the sake of others in there. Most of the time, people are unable to do it for an extended period of time, or they suffer as a result of their efforts. It has recently caused mental stress and has impacted their normal lives. So, for good mental health, it is better to care about one’s own thoughts rather than making decisions based on popularity or societal trends.

Improve your positive thinking.

There are times when we have no choice. In those circumstances, we must do what must be done. So, in those times, we must carefully and wisely manage our minds. Even if we dislike doing such work, we can consider some positive aspects of it. When we do that work, if it helps someone else and they are pleased with it, no matter how much we dislike it, we can be pleased with what we did. But don’t misinterpret it; we must do only correct things in this manner.

We can improve our positive thinking ability by seeing at least one good thing in every situation. Negative thinking causes mental stress, so while positive thinking keeps our minds healthy and happy.

As a social animal, we must always interact with other people. People are unique in every way. There are some people we prefer to act with, others we despise, and others we don’t care for. However, we must deal with all three types of people in society.

If we try to avoid the above unpleasant people, the only thing we get is filthy minds. Because we cannot survive with a small number of people in the world. If we try, we will become enraged with them, causing us to lose our mental health. So we must be positive by attempting to identify at least one positive characteristic in them. This will alter our perceptions of them. Try this technique and you will be able to understand it for yourself, and you can be certain that  , they will no longer be unpleasant people to you.

So this is a beautiful world when we can always be with pleasant people. We can achieve happiness when our minds are relaxed and pleasant.

Strengthen yourself. You have to control your emotions.

There are two parts in our minds that control our thoughts. “Emotions” and “thinking part” are the two. Emotions occur naturally in our minds, and we must work hard to activate the thinking half. If we discuss it further , when we see a sad thing , we feel sad . Sadness is an emotion that comes to us effortlessly. To handle the above sorrowful event wisely, we must activate our thinking part. We will do real harm to ourselves if we act primarily on feelings. So, in all circumstances, we must develop mental control by thinking wisely.

We meet a wide range of people in today’s society. Among them some are very dangerous. They will control us if we try to act with them based on our emotions. So, in those moments, we must use our thinking parts to manage our emotions and be strong enough to get away from them. If we don’t , our mental health will suffer, and our happiness will endure as well. We may feel sad for a brief period while we are parted from them, yet doing so will be a blessing in the future. So , we must manage it.

You are unique. Be proud about it.

Every single person on the planet is unique. As a result, we don’t want to try to be someone else. If you think about yourself in this way, you will no longer worry about your appearance or any other problem . In the present , lots of people live with unsatisfactory about them. It can also create emotional tension at times.

What matters most, however, is what you’re doing. So we may accomplish important things in our life, which will greatly aid in keeping our thoughts peaceful and cheerful. You can have faith in yourself. Always endeavor to use your dignity, choices, skills, and abilities for the benefit of others, or at least in a non-harmful manner. This will assist you in making your mind happy.

Meditation for a healthy mind.

Meditation is a method of calming and relaxing the mind. We can get physical and psychological benefits from it. We can do this anywhere, but it is more effective if we sit in a comfortable position in a quiet environment. You can concentrate on your breath or use a word or sound to focus your mind. It’s easy if you close your eyes and watch your breath come in and out.

When you’re doing this, your mind will wander everywhere , but don’t get upset if you fail, and be patient with your wandering mind. When  you see your thoughts wandering, bring it back to the breath. You will have to repeat this process several times at first, but once you have perfected it, it will be much easier to concentrate your attention.

Meditation can help us maintain a healthy metabolic rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, heart rate, and breathing rate. It improves our health. Meditation calms brain activity and helps us to relax our minds. It boosts the immune system, improves concentration and decision-making, and alters gene activity in the opposite direction of stress. As a result, meditation is the most effective way to achieve happiness.

Choose a good hobby and be happy.

A hobby is an activity that we evolve in our spare time. There are numerous hobbies available in the world. Reading, gardening, listening to music, watching movies, and collecting stamps are just a few examples. What you choose to do as a hobby is entirely up to you. However, it must be a mind-calming one to be worthwhile as a way to spend your leisure time.

As a result, a good hobby can both calm and concentrate your mind. We can use our hobbies to keep our minds healthy and happy in this way.


Happiness is the most valuable thing in the world . You can be wealthy, but you can never buy happiness with money. Happiness is something that origin in our minds. As humans, we don’t have much time to find happiness in our lives. So, instead of worrying about the past or the future, we should try to live in the present moment and try to be happy while also helping others to be happy. We can achieve that goal by maintaining good mental health . Let us be happy by making our minds happy .


















Gandhari Ayodhya

Gandhari Ayodhya

Student of NENASALA . Student of university of Colombo. After A/L student of Yasodara Devi Balika Maha Vidyalaya . Interesting in English & Science.

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