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Many things that cannot be thought of, our minds automatically allow us to think. When we try to build up with our life little by little. Sometimes it feels like it is very complicated to think how to live this life where we don’t even know how far it is. But can you stop? Keep going. I want to go until I find a place to stay. How much better is it to write life in dreams than to write life in dreams with dreams? That’s the tension in our hearts. Although these two seem to bring the same meaning, no it is two. Love means patience. To wait. To endure. When it gets more and more complicated, we all do what we do when we are lonely without realizing it. Among one-sided love stories, two-sided love stories are very beautiful. Because love can express love.

To let go at any time, is it jealousy or love? In fact, there are no specific definitions anywhere. Emotions can be an indiscriminate beauty. That is not an interpretation either. Just an assumption.

Price, money, success, respect, praise are all relative attitudes. The ways in which reality is updated upon acceptance or rejection are also different. To live by manipulating the mind in fixed images is indeed a foolish art. Is it really an art? It is an art. Everything that takes shape in life is art.

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