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How can we improve our English knowledge


It is obvious that ,English plays a big role in the world today .It is our international language. It is compulsory to learn English as it help us in our every work. With the development of world, we must sharpen our English knowledge , If we want to go forward and win our life.

There are some ways to learn English .Reading is one of way ,that we can improve English . We can read books ,daily news papers, novels, and magazines .Reading expands our vocabulary. Learning a new word everyday is one effective strategy to expand our vocabulary .Reading is essential for learning new words ,as is the using dictionaries to search for unfamiliar words to enable us to use them independently . It is crucial to confirm our understanding of the meaning in its entirety .Because learning new words is useless if they are not used properly .In case we are confused about how to use anything ,there are also websites and publications that may assist with language and punctuation. Not only that, we can learn English spelling and grammatical structures.

Apart from that , This is a better way to improve your English than listening to English music, and it’s also free. Examples of such sources include Scientific American, the BBC, and Australia’s ABC radio. Although the more time and attention you devote to a song, the more you will learn from hearing it again in the future, listening to music even while doing something else can help a little with things like becoming accustomed to the natural rhythm and tone of English speech. At the same time ,we can watch English cartoons ,films, dramas and develop our English .

If we can keep a diary to write about our daily activities ,it will be very fruitful to improve our writing .
we can use technology to increase English language ability. Technologies are evolving quickly at the moment. When we want to look up facts, it’s practical for learning. In the interim, we can acquire data to support our learning. It’s convenient to check out a lot of information on the internet that aids in our search for a way to improve our English. The tool used to translate from one language to another is called Google Translator. It previously translated sentences and whole paragraphs.

After all, the most important thing is speaking in English. As it is a language ,we must use it in our real life . We can talk with our friends in English. It gives us a good opportunity to practice what we learn. At the same time, we can buildup confidence. Then ,we do not fear to speak with others in public .

As mentioned above , it is crystal clear that ,there are many ways for us to improve our knowledge of English. It is pretty obvious that , English is important for us to win our life .

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