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How to Manage Your Valuable Time


Every day, from morning to night, we try to beat the clock. But, rather than fighting, if we choose to manage our time, we can get the most out of it.

  • Prioritizing

This is the key to time management. Assume you need to study for a specific math exam. But you never had time to do it until it was almost time for the exam. Because studying that lesson is the most important thing for the exam. You will never complete a task unless it is the top priority of the day. Make a list of priorities instead of a to-do list. Then you’ll know what the most important tasks are for the day. Then you’ll learn to say “NO” to non-priorities.
Additionally, write down your priority or to-do list. Because you are more likely to forget things if you keep them in your mind.

  • Making Up Deadlines

Another thing we can do is create fictitious deadlines for tasks. Assume you need to write a report. Perhaps you have a month to finish that task. So you can take your time, conduct your research, and finish the report. But, unfortunately, it will not work. You’ll make the report at the end of the month and never get the results you expected. So, rather than giving a task a long period of time, give it a short period of time. Make a fictitious deadline and complete the work in two days. Then you won’t waste a whole month doing it.

  • Allocating time for yourself

When you make a task list, you always include office work, studies, and other activities with family or friends. That is one of the primary reasons you never complete your task list. Make time for your hobby, or watch your favorite movie or TV show, or listen to music or do physical exercises if you enjoy them. You should occasionally treat yourself. This will motivate you to complete your work list because you are looking forward to spending time alone or with your family at the end of the week or day.

The bad news is that time flies. The good news is that you’re the pilot—Michael Altshuler

Let us make the most of our time.

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