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It is impossible to imagine where and how the beginning of man began. A current update can be seen based on information taken from a bibliographic source. It can be seen from certain sources that various Devapamils’ ideologies have come forward to show how the creation of the seed of man was.

Civilization and gradual technological evolution away from tribal conditions to form a heterogeneous social composition of similar actions have evolved due to the functioning and influence of regimes.

Modern strategies, social background, educational methods, etc., which existed in Roman civilization and Greek civilization, etc., have been destroyed by the influence of the regime that existed in those times. It is a fact that we all know that the later feudal dark ages were able to create a social transformation.

It is impossible to think that the form of destruction of a ruler who lived only by power and wealth is not implied in the current social family. It is no secret that the end of the regime that aims to show the sensuality of life in the world by filling the world with unlimited pleasures, unlimited greed, and unlimited hardships will renew the memories of centuries ago.

The lack of vision of the administration, the incessant lack of understanding of Humanity ideas, the misuse of technology, and the selfishness of the society are well illustrated by the Sri Lankan crises. Rational knowledge will never inculcate a single thought for development in a new generation without a peaceful attitude.

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