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Is the television a good source of information?


With the development of technology ,there are many sources of information like internet. Among them, television plays a big role .It is very popular among young and the old.  However, television is a best way to get reliable information in the present.

It we talk about advantages , it gives us latest information in the world . Some times we can watch them live. Thanks to a variety of television programs ,there are also entertainments, documentaries  , magazines. We are informed of all the political ,economic and social activities .Every generation and gender like it because of the TV shows, movies, music, news, cartoons, business news, etc. Even before the internet and social media, it served as a source of information and entertainment. People now watch television on their mobile devices.

Television has a good educational value .Through documentaries, it enables us to learn about the natural world or the past. There are also kid-specific educational programs .Not only for kids ,There are so many things to learn all of us. There are so many educational programs for students. Watching television can help to people improve their English, such as listening skills and  vocabulary.

Television is a good friend for lonely people. They can get rid of their loneliness .Watching television is a good hobby to keep their mental health in good. Not only that, television has now become the main way of getting news.

Television also encourages people to learn new talents. Additionally, they provide a variety of programs that feature motivational speaker speeches. This encourages individuals to improve. Television can also be said to increase our exposure. It broadens our knowledge of a variety of sports, world events, and more.

As the coin has to sides , there are lot of disadvantages of television. Mainly ,it affects badly on school children . They addicted to the television. So that , they waste their valuable time . It is a disturbance for their education. If we  watch television too much, we will have bad eyesight .So it is a health problem. Too much television viewing is bad for your health.  More than three hours of TV each day might potentially cause sleep problems, behavior disorders, academic decline, and other health problems.

It is very sad to mention that ,television weaken our family bonds .If all the members of the family watch television too much, they have no time to talk with their family members. Not only that, there are many advertisements in the television. Some of them damage our culture. These are some disadvantages we get from the television.

According to my point of view , there are so many advantages and disadvantages of television and as  educated people , we must control watching television and enjoy the advantages it offers.

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