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New Generation And Creativity.



A generation is defined as a group of people who were born and lived around the same time. It’s also known as “the usual period of around 20-30 years during which children are born, grow up, become adults, and start having children.”

What Is The New Generation?

Generations pass by. Every generation has its own set of beliefs, morals, and ambitions that set it apart from previous generations. Between the old and new generations, there has always been a generation gap. This divide between generations has arisen for a variety of causes, including technical advancement, societal crisis and dilemma, and modern science’s gifts.

The previous generations have played a tremendous roll in molding  our newest generation, if it was not them who wanted to make our lives better, then no one could have. In their times, They had to work hard and literally fight for leading a nice life. Tus, for their achievements we are getting a developed lifestyle and do not have to suffer from the same struggle. New technology that have been introduced in our generation has helped us greatly. Introduction of smart phones, LED computers, laptops, swifter communication systems, social networks are  the blessing to us from the modern science. with the help of these gadgets, the whole world is in our grip. with the the aid of these tools it is much more easier for us to fulfill or desires.

Our generation has developed casual approaches of dealing with problems. The concept of open mindedness is misinterpreted since earlier generations were closed off to new ideas, whereas the modern generation embraces them. As a result, their viewpoint differs from ours, and this attitude sets us apart from them to some extent.

Our generation’s ethics and culture appear to be corrupted by western notions, such as sloth, selfishness, and greed in some circumstances. Many teenagers underestimate the worth of goods and take them for granted since they expect to be fed everything they want. On the other side, there are many more out there who are still deeply connected to their authentic roots and culture, and who are genuinely attempting to achieve something in their life on their own.

Our generation’s education has vastly improved. Even the poorest of people consider educating their children. Everyone who is gaining information is on the correct track. They are learning to determine what they should do with their lives. This is taking place because kids are being given the opportunity to educate themselves.

Are We In New Generation?

Every day, every hour, every second The world around us is changing. We are in a new generation where hard work is becoming obsolete, professors are uncaring, and pupils are failing. Teenagers desire to be handed responsibility but refuse to put in the effort to earn it. Respect must be earned, not given. Children giving birth to children.

What Is The Difference Between New And Old Generation?

The difference between all the generation and new generation and really is the Technology. Because all the generation does not have that much technology. They don`t have any social media at all. Generation gap is a term, which is given to the gap between 2 generations; the younger generation and their elders, Specially between children and their parents. Everything is affected with the change of time age, the culture, mannerism, morality ECT.


Creativity is the process of creating something new and worthwhile. The generated item could be immaterial or tangible. It’s also known as the ability to develop or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that could be useful in solving issues, communicating with others, or entertaining ourselves and others. When Apple Computer introduces a completely new product, such as the iPod, that no one has ever considered before. When a painter creates stunning artwork. These are some examples of inventiveness.

Are Human Naturally Creative?

Since the beginning of time, being creative has been a defining feature of humanity. Prehistoric cave drawings and old stories and myths predating even Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey can be linked back to our inherent proclivity for creativity. Everyone has the ability to be creative, whether they are aware of it or not. Many people believe that creativity is binary: you either have it or you don’t. However, we all have it in reality. It all depends on how we interpret it.

A New Generation Of Creativity.

This new generation may be growing up in an electronic world of smartphones and tablets, but based on the sample of works submitted, they are not lacking in originality.


Sandamini Wijesinghe

Sandamini Wijesinghe

Student of NENASALA . After A/L Student in President`s collage in Minuwangoda. Interest for JAPANESE,ENGLISH and TAMIL.

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