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Reading Makes a Full Man



What’s the current reading? That, I believe, is the primary concern of humanity. It was previously used to do the task of reading words. to get something to read to gain knowledge by reading to stick to a study plan Also, while humans communicated by signals, they employed a variety of languages. Finally, as humans evolve, they will be able to improve their knowledge. Reading, I believe, is the key rung on the ladder. It has the ability to shape society’s various individuals.


The Purpose of Reading is?

To make the links between the ideas on the page and what you already know. Pouring words of text your thoughts if you don`t know anything about a subject is like pouring water into your palm . You remember a lot .We can also update our database and new information.


What are the 4 Types of Reading

  • Skimming, also known as gist reading, is the process of skimming through a text to grasp the essential concept.
  • Scanning-the reader skims over sentences fast to find a specific piece of information.
  • Reading Intensively
  • Intensive Research


How do we read?

The sum of the positive and around letters and words texture as our eyes move across the text and our minds swallow up the types. Our brains handle the heavy effort of analyzing the text and building a mental image of what we’re reading instead of our lingering on those spaces and details. Then we’ll be able to figure out how to become the best person we can be.


What are the skills of reading?

  • Decoding is a vital step in the reading process
  • Fluency to read kids need to instantly recognize words, including words they can’t sound out
  • vocabulary
  • Sentence construction and cohesion
  • Reasoning and background knowledge
  • Working memory and attention


So I think  READING IS THE BETTER THING is human life.

Sandamini Wijesinghe

Sandamini Wijesinghe

Student of NENASALA . After A/L Student in President`s collage in Minuwangoda. Interest for JAPANESE,ENGLISH and TAMIL.

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