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Known as the eight wonder of the world, this is a tourist center that has attracted both local and foreign tourists . In addition to being a tourist center, it ‘s location, antiquity and artistic values show the skill of the Sri Lankan artist.

There are two lion feet on both sides of the gateway built to go to the top of the Sigiriya rock. But it is said that there must have been a complete image of a lion in the past. Even in Sigiriya inscriptions, there is evidence that this is a lion’s foot.

The art work that adorns Sigiriya’s walls provides conclusive proof that king Kashyapa governed with an iron grip in the fifth century AD. It is thought that the king desired Sigiriya to resemble the god-filled metropolis of ” Alakamanda “. Similar to how the city of god was pictured in ancient art, it is thought that Sigiriya’s walls were originally plastered and painted white.

How ever, Kashyapa was more focused on producing a magnificent spectacle that would impress everyone visiting the fort and grab their attention. Based on the elaborate and expensive jewelery that adorns the women in these paintings, they may have been Kashayapa’s daughters or members of the royal family.

The water supply system here is also arranged in a special way. A series of underground conduit pipes uses gravity and hydraulic pressure to channel water from lake Sigiriya to various pools, fountains and streams. The water fountains in Sigiriya’s water park are still working today.

But now researchers said that , a simple method may have been used for this. According to them , rain clouds are constantly attracted to the water ponds created on the top of the rock. The reason for this is that the water particles in the ponds at the top of Sigiriya and the water particles in the rain clouds are attracted to each other.

The Sigiriya Kurutu songs hold a distinct place when speaking of Sigiriya. The majority of these songs date from the eight , ninth and tenth centuries . Sigiri songs are written on Sigiriya’s mirror wall and they express a deeper concept than what is in apparent. Numerous Sigiri melodies are brimming with original beauty excellent lyricism and remarkable intellect. At this time poets have summarized the ideas that appeared in their minds becouse it is extremely difficult to write songs on the Sigiri mirror wall. These songs were written with a variety of themes in mind, such as the tales shown in Sigiri’s painting and the surrounding area.

It is obvious that the reason why Sigiriya has been introduced as an amazing art gallery in the world .We should all contribute to the place of historical value.

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