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Many people go through life without knowing exactly what family means. Think about how many people are stuck in the middle of the question whether happiness is money. Life is about understanding the other person. Making sacrifices. Expecting the same desires and needs to prevail in a social composition of diverse needs and wants is a kind of idiotic act. Time passes very quickly, but if the reality of life is well understood, timely discussions can be built.

Respecting parents or caring for them with love is something children see and learn through their lives, not birth. Sibling love, unity or division is also done at the hands of parents. Moreover, the success or failure of married life can be determined to a large extent by the influence of parents.

One can see the humility or modesty of a person who is considered educated, but he is not an educated person but a person with good understanding. Because sympathy can be sustained in understanding. There is no precise thought in all the terminology of good or bad. Because all good and bad actions are relative to each other. Feelings and thoughts should always be shared with those close to you. Because the cooperation, protection, and genuineness that exists in close ones cannot be expected from another.

A subject-matter expert may have mastery of a subject. But virtues, moral mental data, may not be actions.

Humans are a group of organisms that have evolved greatly with human evolution to be able to deliberate with a brain. We should understand and deal with what kind of responsibility should be for those of us whose existence is determined in this human society.

Keep in mind that you should not control other people’s lives, but only your own thoughts and feelings.

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