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You will feel yourself the day you get used to thinking what I felt when the wind blows too much instead of thinking which way the wind is blowing. A heart that doesn’t feel for itself yet can’t feel for someone else. I don’t understand anyone else.

The mind is not something that can be stopped or held in one place. It goes everywhere. Think about it and see why I thought this when I felt a thought. No reason. But if you put a control on your mind, then you will understand your life. They feel themselves. You will find yourself.

If we, who struggle to get along with people who are struggling to live with emotions, make fun of other people’s feelings, our lives have no meaning. Only the sinful and really stupid people live in the false feelings that have been formed in the calm, and think that this is what life is.

Just like the diversity of thought, the social stratification of like-minded humanity is created through education, power, wealth, and caste. It should also be well understood that there is no good perception, motivation and friendliness in those social levels.

Knowledge or learning exists in the ability to read books. It is the social opinion that this education is the reason for creating a social level. If we think outside of social opinion, if the ability to read and write alone is the reason for the creation of a social class, it can be maintained in a reasonable state.

There is nothing but emptiness in the educated person who boasts that he is educated and damages the image of another by saying that you are ignorant. An education without feelings is of no value to anyone or to oneself. There is nothing to gain. After reading thousands of books, there is nothing that cannot be recognized as a human being, even if the standard tests have been passed and some conditions have been built. That is why learned is an important word limited to the word itself.

Wealth is the main factor that helps to build an economic status and image. You don’t have to have a wealth of knowledge to build an image based on wealth. Centralization of money management and business knowledge is sufficient for high stability. But if someone thinks that money is the only thing that can be controlled among all the things that cannot be controlled by nature and cannot be controlled according to taste, then one who lives in a false illusion should make it clear that he is not rich.

The cabin can be spacious. Comfortable vehicles may be available. But there is no fruit in the riches in the one who ignores the pain in front of his eyes. If the hunger of another person is not hunger in the face of the satisfaction obtained through taste, if the desire for food is not felt as a desire, then the wealth in that rich man is of no use.

Power can be obtained. But it is also necessary to use the power properly. Whether power can be established on the basis of physical strength or on the strength of personnel or on the basis of wealth, it is necessary to maintain it in a fair manner. Nor is there any good in building a way to subject one to painful penitence, to exploit through that which does not exist in eternal existence.
Due to the fanaticism of emotions, one is destroyed and through it, one’s own decline also occurs. The unemotional person cannot see an inexplicable world other than a mechanized world. Because feelings help generate feelings.

If education, wealth, power, caste is used as an ornament to one’s image, it is clearly implied that the educated person is ignorant, the rich person is poor, and the powerful person is weak.
If we explain the feelings of the humble and the proud about some mastery and gift in oneself, it will become clear to the inquisitive inquirer that humility is a noble and honorable thing in a society.

Kiss the other with great affection and respect. Embrace the other with great kindness and affection. Offer compliments to others generously and with sincerity. Imagine that if justice is always mixed with should, social progress will naturally occur.

A social level has nothing to gain if there is only brutal insensitivity in it. Disgust and dislike are always expressed through someone, and there is nothing to be content with. Knowledge, power, wealth, and caste are only meaningless words if the suffering of another is destroyed through virtue and ethics. Because people should live not on the head of the other, but in the heart.

Rather than exhausting one’s effort by striving to collide with uncertain objects that may perish, exhausting one’s labor to be a foundation for another’s life, real satisfaction, mental satisfaction, value and a reason for the action, self-satisfaction is created.

If a river flows downwards due to the slope of the ground, it does not flow downwards due to the necessity of the river. But the river that cannot be thought of and dealt with has nothing to do. But the success or failure of one’s life is imposed on an external influence or there is no obstacle other than the mind to implement one’s self-vision.

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