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Internet is a vey fast and effective source of getting information .Although it is a resent origins, it widely spread all over the world . There are many advantages of this source. It is a store house of information .We can get any information within a click .There are many web sites and we get any news through them .We have the facility to chat with people , banking , shopping , booking seats , paying bills , sending e- mails and advertising .We can follow many courses for our education. It provides entertainment too . We can watch films, listen to music , play games and enjoy. Not only that , we can download anything we want .Additionally, the internet has greatly benefited the environment because it has reduced the amount of paper used in workplaces, schools, and colleges by making them digital.

Simply connecting two computers will help us learn how the internet operates. If two computers are connected by something called a Local Area Network, they can share files and information . The typical method for making this connection is to physically connect a cable to each computer.

But thanks to satellite technology, two computers can now be linked together virtually without the use of a physical wire. Simply transferring signals from one computer to the satellite network could establish the connection. The second computer receives the same message thanks to the network. As a result, the internet is a web of computers that are connected through satellite.

If we consider the other hand , there are so many disadvantages too. Most of the school going children are addicted to the internet .They waste their time and miss their education . Another disadvantage is , it destroy our culture values too .Our younger generation imitates the things in the internet. Some of them are against our culture .Also there are many unsuitable programmes and photography for small children .But they exposed to them .These things spoil their minds very much .It is proved that ,too much of exposure to the screen will damage our eye-sight.

There is no authority for internet .So that , we can not take any legal action against false information, As well there are some hackers and they bull people .Some people use the internet to do robberies and other crimes . It paves the way to damage our privacy .

Internet is a very usefull facility for everyone .It is up to the user to minimize it’s disadvantages and we must know to reap the gain leaving the chaff.

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