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Why is Reading Important? Read More to Live Better


What is ” Reading ” ?

Reading is defined as focusing our minds on something, understanding it, and grasping it. We are able to read aloud. We can also read silently in our minds. When we read something, we must concentrate our minds on it. We must know the meaning of wards or phrases or consult a dictionary to find out. To understand it correctly, it is necessary to understand the meanings of the words. Then we can understand what the paragraph or book is saying.

There are primarily four ways to read. They are, respectively ,

– Skimming

Skimming is the act of reading a passage at a faster pace. We don’t have to read word for word in this, and it’s enough to get a sense of what the passage conveys in general.

 – Scanning

Scanning is the process of looking for specialties in a passage that will help us identify the exact position of where things are placed. We do not want to understand the passage, but we must memorize the special words, pictures, and highlighted items, among other things.

– Extensive reading

Extensive reading is reading on the same topic from multiple sources. We don’t want to understand the meaning here, either, but we have to read the entire thing word for word. It helps to improve our vocabulary on a large scale because we use different sources.

– Intensive reading

This is the accurate reading. We must understand the meaning, grammar, language, and techniques in this context.

The first three methods of reading , mentioned above assist in providing a quick response. The final method is the best way to read something important or memorize something. All of the methods listed above can help us improve our knowledge.


Why reading is important ?

Reading, in a physical sense, stimulates and strengthens our brain muscles. Reading increases our imagination and creativity. It is also essential for our self-improvement. Reading helps us think positively and improves our vocabulary and language proficiency. Reading helps us understand different personalities and informs us about society. There are many valuable written things in books, and reading allows us to gain that knowledge.

Reading is the best way to improve as a writer. Reading broadens our knowledge in many areas. So, if you want to be a successful man, reading is a must.


What we have to read ?

There are numerous reading materials that we must read. Some examples include books, magazines, news papers, articles, dictionaries, poetry, catalogs, recipes, play scripts, atlases, encyclopedias, travel brochures, and manuals. There are novels, translations, story books, short stories, and so on in the category of books. There are numerous types of magazines available.

In today’s environment, we no longer need to purchase books or visit libraries to read them. We can access them all through the e-library.

By reading them, we may learn about diverse civilizations, traditions, rituals, and a number of other fascinating things.


Is there only written things we have to read ?

We usually refer to books or written materials when we talk about reading. However, as a social animal, man must also read a wide range of other things.

For example, in order to communicate effectively, we must read the expressions of others. I call this a type of reading , because we must first focus on it, then understand and grasp it before responding to it. If we do not read it, we will disregard it, which may disrupt our communication. As a result, reading is essential for better communication.

Not only that, but we must read the emotions, characteristics, behaviors, and many other aspects of others, not only humans but also animals. These readings lead us to a more hospitable society in which to live.

Reading ourselves is also essential for our spiritual well-being. It assists us in understanding what we want and what we must do for the sake of our future. This allows us to maintain a peaceful inner life, which also contributes to a better society.


Reading can also provide with additional benefits.

Reading assists us in conquering our day-to-day stress. It keeps our mind active while also providing us with a sense of very well. We may prefer books as companions because they are always available when we need them. Reading is also an important component of our general education system.

Reading is also a form of free entertainment. It improves our general knowledge as well as our drawing and thinking skills by enhancing our imagination.



The only way  to obtain above benefits  is, improve your reading skills. There is a saying that ” Reading makes a full man “.  According to this , for a successful life , reading is essential. So let us  make reading a habit and succeed in our tasks.





Gandhari Ayodhya

Gandhari Ayodhya

Student of NENASALA . Student of university of Colombo. After A/L student of Yasodara Devi Balika Maha Vidyalaya . Interesting in English & Science.

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